There can be many reasons why a company becomes successful and prospers. There are different ideas and opinions on what makes things work. At J & T Construction we feel our attention to the Residential Construction we provide and the care for our customers is the most important factor in determining our success. It is very clear; you need someone to provide Residential Construction. You also need whoever provides Residential Construction to be both professional and reasonably priced. If this is so clear then why aren’t more Residential Construction companies making customers happy. Simply put, not all companies can combine excellence with Residential Construction e and true great customer service.

We are committed to being the best Residential Construction option in Westchester County, North Westchester, the Bronx and Connecticut. We take great pride in our reputation and the presentation of our company and services. That is why we chose to have a website of this caliber built. Quality beckons quality and there is no way we could claim to be a great Residential Construction option and not make sure our online presence is top notch.

Naturally, these are just words and all companies seek to market themselves in the highest regard. That is why the ultimate test is a call to us at (914) 258-1525 to determine if we truly offer the level of Residential Construction we claim to do.

We look forward to serving you as we have all the residents of Westchester County, North Westchester, the Bronx and Connecticut with our Residential Construction.

Contact our residential constructions specialists today at (914) 258-1525 for all your home constructions needs in Westchester County, North Westchester, the Bronx and Connecticut.

Flawless Driveway Installation & Masonry Work

J & T Construction in Yonkers, New York, specializes in driveway installation, maintenance, and similar masonry work. Take a look at the many ways we can create your driveway, or improve your existing one on residential or commercial property. Cash, checks, and credit cards are all accepted.

Driveway Projects

Along with asphalt for driveways, we also work with brick for patios and walkways. Belgium block edges and aprons can be used in our designs or extensions on existing driveways. We also install drains and apply sealant to protect against rain.

photo-1From paving and patching to repairs and paint jobs, all work is under warranty, which is explained in the contract. Whether an old driveway or huge lot, we get paid when we’re done.


Leave all material and labor to us. You don’t need to pay until we’ve completed the masonry work. Thanks to a knowledgeable crew, there isn’t much we can’t do in this field. Our extensive list of services includes:

  • Steps and Stoops
  • Keystones and Stack Stones
  • Stucco Work
  • Concrete Blocks and Brick
  • Retaining Walls
  • Concrete Sidewalks
  • Garage Floors
  • Pavers
  • Blue Stones Threads
  • Flag Stone
  • Pointing and Rendering Work


Please contact our staff in Yonkers, New York, for a free estimate on your driveway or other masonry work.

Complete Basement Finishing & Roofing Services

J & T Construction can handle full basement finishing projects, all manner of roofing services, and other renovations for customers near Yonkers, New York. As always, our labor is under warranty, which will be explained in your specific contract. Cash, check, and credit cards are accepted for payment, but you won’t have to pay until we are done.

Basement Renovations & Water Proofing

New floors, doors, and windows can be utilized to make your basement your new favorite room. Sheet rocking and carpentry, along with plumbing and electrical work, can all be handled by our experts. Interior and exterior water proofing is also offered in order to protect your finished basement from damage. We rebuild wooden decks and we can also do drainage work. We also offer painting and decorating services.


We tackle complete re-roofing with new and old builds, including joist replacement and applying shingle or tiles. Whether commercial or residential, we’ll fix water damage and complete other carpentry work on the roof. Excess and material and debris are never left behind afterwards.

Other Renovations

Commercial and residential clients can hire us for total rebuilds, extensions, or even demolition work. Should an issue arise that requires miscellaneous carpentry or waterproofing work, feel free to call the personable professionals of J & T Construction.

Request an estimate on roof or basement finishing today when you contact us in Yonkers, New York.